JP's Summer Serve Week

JP's Summer Serve Week.  JP has now created a way for student and adult volunteers to register teams directly with JP for this summer's mission trips.  Churches and Youth Pastors are NOT involved in the organization, registration, or the execution of the mission trip.  Here's how it works: 

Who Can Come? 

  1. All Summer Serve Weeks are combined MS and HS students.  Teams can either be made up of MS-only, HS-only, or MS/HS combined. 

What is a Team and the Team Leader's Responsibilities?

  1. Each Team consists of 1 Team Leader (adult) and up to 5 same birth sex students as the Team Leader.  

  2. The Team Leader is responsible for transporting the team to and from camp, to the worksites, and on free day in a vehicle that can safely transport all members of their team and allow space for a water cooler, lunch cooler, personal team member items, and some tools.  

  3. Each team will serve on the same worksite together.  

  4. The team will serve all week at the same site, assuming there is enough work to keep the team there.

  5. Minimum age for a Team Leader is 25.

  6. A background check for all Team Leaders is required. 

What is the Registration Process for a Team?

  1. One volunteer adult registers ONE team directly with JP and serves as the Team Leader (see link below).  

  2. The team consists of the Team Leader and up to 5 same birth-sex students (the Team Leader must be of the same-sex as the students he/she is registering).

  3. Second Adult? You may add a second adult to the team, but they will not serve as the Team Leader and therefore must pay the full price. 

  4. Registration consists of the Team Leader selecting the week to serve, listing all team members' information, and paying the full amount of the registration for all team members with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
How much does it Cost? 
  1. FULL WEEK: Cost per student is $350, and the cost per Team Leader is $175.  

  2. HALF WEEK: Cost per student is $200, and the cost per Team Leader is $100.

  3. The youth leader on staff at the church may participate only as an adult volunteer and may attend for FREE, however, he/she must register separately (see link below). 
What about COVID Safety?
  1. To ensure the most spacing possible for safety, we will be limiting our camp size each week to 40 campers and no more than 10 staff.

  2. JP will follow the COVID guidelines provided by the Governor of the state of West Virginia.  State guidelines can be found HERE.  We will seek additional guidance from the ACA's (American Camping Association) Field Guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance which can be found HERE.

  3. An overview of the COVID-related protocols that JP will be following are located HERE, and a self-screening tool and participation form required for individuals to participate with JP can be found HERE COVID-related FAQs can be found HERE.
Where will the Summer Serve Weeks be? 
  1. JP Summer Serve Weeks will be held at the 4H Center in Romney, WV. 

  2. Teams will select which lodging option they prefer: Bunkhouses at the 4H Center, or tent-camping.  JP will follow protocols outlined by the Governor of the state of WV as well as additional guidance from the ACA for indoor lodging.  

  3. Meals & program will be outdoors the majority of the time in pavilions. However, meals and program may take place indoors based on weather while following COVID guidelines for safety. 
What are the dates for the Summer Serve Weeks?
  • June 27-July 3
  • July 4-7 (1/2 week session)
  • July 7-10 (1/2 week session) (75% FULL)
  • July 11-17 (75% FULL)
  • July 18-24 (20% FULL)


  1. Team Leaders register a Team HERE.

  2. FT or PT Youth Leaders register HERE