COVID-Related FAQs

The information and recommendations around COVID-19 continue to unfold on an almost daily basis. What follows are answers to the most frequently asked questions for this summer, but we will be continually updating our policies and procedures as we prepare for the summer.  

But know this: We will take every reasonable precaution necessary to ensure the safest environment possible for campers, staff, and our clients based on the most current information available to us. We will work to provide regular updates to churches from registration to arrival into camp. We will be updating this page regularly for the purpose of providing the latest updates on what our policies and procedures will be this summer.

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    Latest Update: May 23, 2021

    Please review JP's COVID Protocols & Guide document for further information. 

    1. Will face masks be required?

    ANSWER: Yes.

    3. What about social distancing?

    ANSWER: We will closely monitor the recommendations by the CDC and employ safe measures during the summer camps. This may include requiring a minimum 6-foot distance between participants as well as employing additional safe practices.

    4. Will students be required to be tested prior to arrival into camp or temperature-tested when they arrive?

    ANSWER: Testing at this time is encouraged, but not required. We have developed a Self-Screening Tool & Participation Guide that all participants must fill out the morning they leave for JP. 

    5. How will tools be handled to minimize risk?

    ANSWER: Work teams for 2021 will be comprised of same-church participants and teams will work at the same site for the duration of the project. This will allow teams to keep most of the same tools all week. Any additional tools that are needed throughout the week will be sanitized prior to adding them to the team's tool collection.

    6. Will we be going into the families' homes to do work?

    ANSWER: No. All projects in 2021 will be outdoor with no close contact with homeowners.

    7. If we can't go into the homes, what will we do about bathroom facilities?

    ANSWER: Although inconvenient, work teams will need to travel to a local public facility (Sheetz, McDonald's, etc.) for this. We are planning to carefully choose projects that are within a reasonable distance from public bathroom facilities.

    8. Will hand sanitizer be available for everyone?

    ANSWER: Yes.

    9. Will face masks be available? 

    ANSWER: Participants need to bring their own face masks. 

    10. How will meals be handled to minimize risk?

    ANSWER: The kitchen will be sanitized before and after each meal. Food will be plated by JP kitchen staff. Those preparing food will wear gloves and masks. 

    11. Will showers and bathrooms be safe?

    ANSWER: We will put additional measures in place to ensure that showers and bathroom facilities are routinely cleaned and disinfected. We will also be limiting the number of persons in the showers and bathrooms at one time.

    12. What will you do if a staffer or camper becomes symptomatic?

    ANSWER: Our plan is to provide a separate room or area at camp to initially isolate a symptomatic staffer or camper before arranging for them to go home as soon as possible.  We will also identify a separate bathroom stall that would be used only by those who are sick.

    13. How many people will be at camp?

    ANSWER: We will be limiting each camp week to 40 campers and 10 staff. 

    14. How will you manage sanitizing between camps?

    ANSWER: We will allow sufficient time between camps for intentional sanitizing of all facilities. We will follow the guidelines set out by the state of WV for COVID safety with additional guidance from the ACA's Field Guide for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance

    15. If a camper must go home during a camp week due to a COVID-related illness, will the church receive a refund for that camper?

    ANSWER: We will work with the church to provide a full or partial refund based on the camper's actual time at camp.

    16. Will supplies be shared among campers and staff? 

    ANSWER: We will work to minimize the transfer of supplies and materials between people. However, there will be some exchanging of items throughout the week as it not possible to guarantee 100% contact-less exchange of materials and supplies.  

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