What makes the JP Experience unique is our passion for and adherence to our eight core values as a ministry.  We emphasize the importance of establishing relationships and forming community among our students, adults, staff and the clients that we serve. We believe that ministry happens at a personal and deep level when students experience program and worship in a small group setting.  We believe our staff should know each student by name by the end of the week, and thus we maintain a smaller camp size each week.   

We are passionate about sharing the truth that God has a plan for students’ lives and wants to use them right here, right now, to advance the Kingdom. Their worth is found in God and His plan for their lives.  We value and provide opportunities for students and staff to develop in leadership; to use their unique gifts as servant leaders to further the ministry of the Jeremiah Project and the Kingdom of God.  Our staff are trained to empower, engage and know your students.  

At JP, we believe in innovation and we will always push the envelope with new ideas and methods that will serve to strengthen the ministry and impact the Kingdom in greater ways.  We believe that God desires excellence from us and that nothing but our best is good enough.  Integrity and intentionality are vital in everything that we do.  We also create space to laugh and have fun together.  We understand that we serve a God of love and hope and that laughter and relationships are vital to creating a safe space for students to grow in faith.

Ultimately, at the heart of all we do it is our belief that Jesus is everyone’s need.  We enthusiastically share the Good New of Jesus Christ with our students and those that we serve.  We model and encourage students to establish healthy spiritual practices and to find or deepen their faith in God.

Work + God!

We place a strong emphasis on the spiritual component of the mission trip experience at the Jeremiah Project.  An evening worship experience is led by a trained Program Director and Worship Leader. We are very intentional about providing the setting for God to speak into the lives of students and adults during their week at JP. Devotional books modeled around the summer's theme are given to each camper.  Students will find questions and short devotionals to guide their time at camp. During lunch, work-teams will read through a devotional together.  And each night we set aside time for our campers and adults to share about the events of their day and to hear about how God is working in their lives.  

Who Can Participate...

Our Middle School only weeks are designed for students who have completed 6th through 8th grade by the summer months.  Our program and other elements of this mission experience are geared specifically for this age group.

Our High School only weeks are designed for students who have completed 9th through 12th grade by the summer.  Our program, the work sites and other elements of this mission experience are designed specifically for senior high ministry.

JP is a multi-denominational organization and is open to all persons and churches.

Work Teams

Youth and adults are placed into work teams made up of 5-6 students and one to two adults.  Our middle school work teams are made up of a mix of youth and adults from other churches.  This allows students the opportunity to make new friends and to also live out their experience at JP without any preconceived labels of who they are or how they should act.  In essence, it allows them to be themselves in a new environment.  Some students may find this uncomfortable at first, but through ice breakers and work team small group time they quickly build lasting friendships.  

Tools & The Worksite

Who needs the headache of hauling major tools on a mission trip?  Not here! JP provides all of the major tools necessary to get the job done.  Our Tool/Site Coordinator brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to your JP experience.  Though we are able to provide all the major tools and materials for a work site (ladders, power tools, lumber, nails, tarps, etc.) we do ask that churches bring several paint brushes (2" and 3") and paint roller pads to donate.

Although JP provides some site leaders for the work sites, we look to churches to bring adults who are also willing and capable of leading a team each day. 

A Typical Day at JP

Campers are up early each morning for breakfast, followed by a morning devotional.  After that, we are packing lunches, water jugs, and getting our tools and materials loaded up in the vans.  Then it's off to work!!  After a full day of work we're back for showers, a little down time, a yummy dinner, and some organized recreation and free time!  That's when we have evening program that includes worship, games, small groups, maybe a video clip or two, and a message by our Program Director. Then it's free time again until heading to cabins for lights out! Get some sleep and rested for the next day! 

Wednesday is FREE DAY for middle school camps and a half-day for our high school camps.  This is a great day to hang out with your friends from church, relax, head to the park, maybe some mini-golf, or other fun activities.  You choose how you want to spend time with your youth group! 

Camp Leadership

Our camp staff is composed of college students and professional adults.  Our staff is trained, experienced, and dedicated to the mission of the Jeremiah Project.  Our staff leadership team is comprised of a Camp Director, Assistant Camp Director, Program Director, Worship Lead, Recreation Lead, Media lead, a Tool Site-Coordinator, Kitchen Staff, and J. Staffers (current 10th, 11th, and 12th graders). 

Each week at JP a fresh staff arrives to serve along side you and your students.  Our staff members arrive to camp with great energy and excitement for a week spent with your students.  They will ensure a meaningful and memorable mission experience.