Stuff you should know before you register...

  • As you consider your week with JP, we know that you have other trips to plan, family vacations to work around, your own vacation to schedule (yeah, right!). So, when you register you will have an opportunity to request your first, second, and third choices.  We will do our best to give you your top choice, but because our camps fill quickly you may have to accept your second or third choices.  Once you register, we will be in touch with you to work out the dates we are able to offer you. 

  • Adult Leadership

    Adult leaders must be at least 21 years of age and may only participate if the church has met the required number of adults who are eligible drivers. Minimum age for eligible drivers is 25 years of age.  All adults must complete a background check through their church.

  • Camp Arrival

    Your church youth group must arrive in camp between 2-3:30 PM on Sunday, the first day of camp.  You will be welcomed by our JP Staff members and have time to settle in.  JP Staff will be available for group games and encouraging students to come out and meet each other.  After dinner we will have community fun and then an introduction and teaser intro on what's to come all week!

  • required transportation

    The Jeremiah Project requires that each church bring one (1) 7-Passenger (or larger) vehicle for every 7 people. Vehicles must be large enough to seatbelt a 7-member team as well as carry several tools, a large chest cooler and water cooler to the work site each day. Drivers must be at least 25 years of age. Cars, pickup trucks, and other vehicles that are not able to safely transport a minimum of 7 people are not acceptable.  

  • Deposits

    A deposit of $100.00 per participant is due within 10 days of registration and is non-refundable. Deposits are transferable until March 1 under the following conditions:

    Register up to 7 participants, reduce by one participant without loss of deposit. 

    Register 8-16 participants, reduce two participants without loss of deposit.

    Register 17-21 participants, reduce three participants without loss of deposit. Register 22-25 participants, reduce four participants without loss of deposit.

    In all cases, the non-refundable deposits will be applied to your second payment. All other deposits are non-transferable and those monies are forfeited.

  • final Participant Count

    Any reduction in reserved spaces must be submitted in writing (email) by February 1. If a church fails to reduce their numbers at this time, they are obligated to pay the total participant fee of their registration numbers.  Don't worry we'll send you reminders in anticipation of this deadline!

  • Got more questions?  No problem!  Drop Kristie our Project Assistant an email today!