General Camp FAQs

So many changes for 2021, and so many questions! We will be adding to these in the coming weeks and months as you prepare to bring your students to JP next summer! 

Latest Update: January 21, 2021

1. For Family Camp, does a family need to register with the church or can they do so independently?

ANSWER: We see this event as a terrific addition to every youth ministry program. We encourage churches/youth leaders to promote and participate (if possible) along with families. Families can register independently, or churches that want to make this a church-wide mission adventure can register their families all at once. Two registration forms will be available.  Remember, the youth leader, Associate Pastor, or Lead Pastor may attend for FREE (with or without family members).

2. Can a church participate in two or more opportunities? For example, could I send a team to the Single Church option and also do Family Camp?

ANSWER: Absolutely!

3. Can older members of the family (college age +) attend Family Camp?

ANSWER: Yes! Bring them all!

4. Will my tent have electricity?

ANSWER: Tents do not come with electricity :) However, we will provide electricity near each tent.

5. What if my tent leaks?

ANSWER: You will get wet :). Seriously, JP will have several 2-person tents available and already set up for you to use should one or more tents fail.

6. Can I bring an air mattress to use in my tent?

ANSWER: Absolutely! We would highly recommend it! Don't forget, you will have electricity nearby! 

7. For Family Camp, can I bring my younger children?

ANSWER: Yes!  Families determine which members to bring. We will tailor the work projects to meet the profile of the family.  

8. For Family Camp, can we leave after the second work day so as to not miss another day of work?

ANSWER: Yes. Families will typically depart Wednesday morning or Sunday morning, depending on which session they sign up for. Families could depart either Tuesday night after the work day, or Saturday night after the work day.

9. My youth group is small and we would not be able to meet the 20 participant minimum for the Single Church option. Could we band together with other churches and be considered a single church? 

ANSWER: Yes! Under this scenario, only one of the churches would serve as the registering church. The registration form will ask if you are combining churches for this week. 

10. For Family Camp, will parents/adults need to have a background check in order to participate? 

ANSWER: Yes. We desire to create the safest possible camp setting for all of our participants. 

11. Will you be providing an up-to-date attendance tracker so youth leaders can see which weeks have space and which weeks are filling up, or are already full? 

ANSWER: Yes!  These updates will be available on our page, Summer 2021.

12. If I purchase JP@Home but decide at a later time to select an in-person camp option instead of doing JP@Home, could I apply the purchase amount of JP@Home to an in-person trip? 


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